Graceland Cemetery Walking Tour

Chicago, IL, United States
Distance: 3 km (Map)

This program is narration for your self guided tour of historic and beautiful Graceland Cemetery. the numbers on the map correspond to the numbers of the audio-tracks in the menu on your phone or device so you can go in # order or in any order you prefer.

Graceland Cemetery Walking Tour - Cya On The Road

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Welcome to Graceland Cemetery established in 1860. Grace is a treasury of Chicago history, art architecture and interesting famous people.

Graceland began with 80 acres and a state charter allowing for the acquisition for up to 500 additional acres. by the late 1860 the cemetery has bought 200 acres in the surrounding areas, however some residents objected and passed town charter amendments forbidding Graceland to expand beyond the grounds already enclosed within its walls. Graceland countered with the position that the town could not supercede grace state charter. The case was settled with Graceland assuming it's area of 119 acres, subsequently park designer O.C. Simons designed an innovative plan for Graceland inspired by the use of native plants to create a beautiful and natural landscape. Buildings are low and nestled into the contours of the land for parklike setting. and example of the rural cemetery type Graceland was conceived as Chicago's answer to counter parts such as mount auburn in Cambridge, Massachusetts and laurel hill in Philadelphia initially laid out by William Saunders and Ossian Simonds in 1860. The cemetery was further developed by a succession of high profile landscape designers in H.W.S. Cleveland, William, and O.C. Simons. We hope you enjoy your tour amidst the beauty and tranquility of Graceland Cemetery.




Jake Coolidge holds a Master of Arts in Geography and works as a freelance cartographer. His work is informed by his cartographic history research, his knowledge of geographic information systems, and his formal art training in printmaking. A recent transplant to Chicago, he’s enjoyed learning local history working on this project. His work can be viewed at Joe Collier holds a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science and works as a research librarian. When not designing buttons for his Etsy shop BadgesByQuake or wandering Chicago improving his mobile photography skills, he enjoys finding new ways to exercise his passions for public transit, architecture, history, and cemeteries. He (rarely) tweets @mcquake01

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