Brightest Night to Memory

St Louis, MO, United States
Distance: 9 km
by Jake Leech

The Drive will require:

Brightest Night to Memory - Cya On The Road

-A Car

-Night (Start anytime post sunset, 9PM suggested, preferably on a Friday or Saturday)

-A Partner(s) (At least for the initial experience, there's no limit to how many people may be in the car, and may be driven alone once route is remembered)

WARNING: As you drive, you must take as much precaution as possible, and in turn, you are held responsible for your own safety. Please be careful. Please also read the directions throughly before as to understand the trip. There is driving through alleyways on stop 3, but they are clearly marked and large enough for a vehicle to pass. 

All images are screenshots from Google Maps Street View in 2016. All image rights are attributed to Google.

Thank you for participating in this experiment.

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