Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills, CA, United States; Los Angeles, CA, United States; West Hollywood, CA, United States
Est. 18.7km / 5 hrs 49 mins

So you want to see movie stars.  That’s sort of a given for anyone visiting Beverly Hills unless they are here on business, coming back to visit family or house hunting in a very pricey area.  Anyone who falls into the last category probably entertains the same movie stars in their homes so let’s eliminate them right off the bat.

Beverly Hills, California - Cya On The Road

My advice – do not waste your money on “Star Maps” or any version of the many “See a Movie Star Tours” – no matter how plush the bus looks. No one – not business moguls, inventors, PTA supporters, Soccer Coach Moms or Dads – not you or me – and certainly not movie stars want someone gawking in front of their home. And to be completely blunt, the maps are horrendously outdated and the tours less than worth the price.

When I was a kid we lived in a house that years prior had been owned by some movie star.  Believe me, she did not live there – not for the 6 or 7 years we did. But on a daily basis the buses unloaded passengers with their cameras at the ready.


My sisters and I used to offer to pose for photos – for a fee.  Which was happily paid time and again.  In truth, I probably owe the tour operators a percentage fee – they helped pay for my first fancy bike and went a long way into financing my first car.


If you want to see movie stars, go to where the stars hang out.  I’ll be sharing some suggestions as to where you can stargaze along with some of the history of Beverly Hills, a bit of movie trivia and tales from the inside.


The best way to discover Beverly Hills is to do so at your own pace. Stop, explore, and experience whatever captures your imagination. We’ve designed this tour to allow you to do just that. Change the route if you want. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself.


You can listen to all stories on the web but the best and most comprehensive experience includes GPS navigation and can be found at izi.TRAVEL app. Stop when you want; when you are ready to continue on your tour simply turn the app back on. Just as a reminder, each stop along the walk is indicated by the attraction name and number. The relevant section will be played automatically when you get to the stop but you always can play it manually.


A quick note: At some point the city dropped the tilde accent in Cañon on many of the street signs. Residents pronounce it both as Canyon (Cañon) and Canon.





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