An 'Old Fashioned' Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, United States
Distance: 4 km
by Kelly McBennett

An 'Old Fashioned' Los Angeles - Cya On The Road

All Photographs are my own. Downtown Los Angeles is rich in social and architectural history- An 'Old Fashioned' Los Angeles is a walking tour of historical buildings and cocktails. It is intended to immerse the tour-goer into what it would be like to live in LA between the 1890s -1930s and breaks up historical stories with stories of what and where locals were drinking. The tour is intended to be walking only- for adults over the age of 21, and is purely for entertainment purposes. Take this tour Tuesday through Sunday after 4:30 pm. If transportation is needed, hire a car or designate a driver. Please do NOT drink and drive. The creator of this tour does not advocate or encourage the abuse of alcoholic beverages, please drink responsibly and with moderation. #westcoasttrip

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