Kansas City: A Renewed Downtown

Kansas City, MO, United States
Distance: 3 km (Map)

Kansas City: A Renewed Downtown - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Kansas City, the largest city in the great state of Missouri. Named after the river on which it was founded, Kansas City was originally called just plain “Kansas.” But it tacked on the word “city” after the Kansas territory was established just west of Missouri, causing widespread confusion among geography students ever since. Kansas City became famous for its homegrown style of jazz music, steak, and barbecue, and was the home of legends like jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker and band leader Count Basie. A young animator named Walt Disney got his start here. Ernest Hemingway began his writing career at the city newspaper.The city earned the nickname “The City of Fountains,” because of, well, its many public fountains, especially in the downtown area, which since the early 2000s has undergone an extensive overhaul to make it more enjoyable for Kansas Citians – as they’re known – to work, play, and live, as you’ll find out for yourself during this downtown walking tour.

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