The Dolores Mission District, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA, United States
Est. 2.3km / 46 mins

Now that you’ve taken the Alcatraz tour, gone to the museums, biked across the Golden Gate Bridge, and hiked through North Beach and Chinatown, you’ll be ready for this easy-going walk in a beloved San Francisco neighborhood, the Dolores Mission District. This tour starts at San Francisco’s oldest building, the Mission Dolores. Then it wanders along a few blocks of Valencia Street, where walls are painted with colorful murals and stores offer everything from vintage clothes and vinyl to hipster gear and hand-made chocolate. And then it’ll take a small detour to one of San Francisco’s most popular outdoor spots, Dolores Park. This is one of San Francisco’s sunnier neighborhoods, with lots of opportunities for casual eating, lazy strolling and even fun stuff for kids. A friendly vibe mixed with a strong sense of community make this a favorite with locals. The area has a rich history and is always in flux, so you’ll find new and old standing side by side. Nearby on-street parking is pretty easy for a few hours, or you can use the low-cost Mission Public Garage at 3255 21st Street between Mission and Valencia. Our tour will begin at Mission Dolores, at 3321 16th Street. I’ll see you there.

The Dolores Mission District, San Francisco - Cya On The Road


by Kate Rothrock
I love wandering the world and telling stories about it.

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