San Antonio: The Diverse History of the Mission City

San Antonio, TX, United States
Distance: 4 km
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San Antonio: The Diverse History of the Mission City - Cya On The Road

Welcome to San Antonio, the 8th largest city in the US and the crown jewel of Texas. One of the oldest places in Texas, San Antonio has been the site of some of the most dramatic events in Texas history including the most famous battle in the fight for Texas independence from Mexico, the battle of The Alamo. San Antonio’s history is diverse. Drawn to the San Antonio River, the area was settled by Native Americans from hundreds of different Indian nations, Spanish missionaries, and even large German and French immigrant populations. San Antonio notably boasts the largest concentration of Spanish Colonial Architecture in North America, but it is the way in which people from so many different cultures have shared this land that distinguishes San Antonio from everywhere else.Although San Antonio is a sprawling city, most of its points of interest are within walking distance making it a perfect city for this walking tour. Today, we are exploring downtown San Antonio where you’ll be able to explore the early days of Spanish Settlement, experience the opulence of the roaring 20s, and discover the modern charm of the colorful European style Riverwalk on the San Antonio River along the way.Licenses:Photo “San Antonio ” by Greverod is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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