Savannah: Ghosts of the Garden City

Savannah, GA, United States
Est. 4.8km / 1 hr 36 mins

Welcome to Savannah, the most haunted city in the United States - which is no surprise, given the city's long and turbulent history. From its earliest colonial days, Savannah has witnessed countless stories of human tragedy. Thousands of African slaves toiled in brutal conditions to build the early city, while others passed through the port city as the slave trade expanded in the United States. Fires and yellow fever outbreaks killed thousands in the early nineteenth century, and, the Civil War resulted in enormous casualties in the region. With all of the sorrows the city has born witness to, it's no surprise that the stately homes, cemeteries, public squares, and alleyways of the city teem with the spirits of the unwillingly departed.

Savannah: Ghosts of the Garden City - Cya On The Road

Luckily, the historic district where these ghosts roam is also the most atmospheric part of the city, which makes for a charming, mysterious, and easily walkable adventure. The second half of this tour converts easily into a spooky pub crawl, as well!


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