Washington D.C.: A Stroll Along the National Mall

Washington, DC, United States
Est. 10.9km / 3 hrs / Map

Washington D.C.: A Stroll Along the National Mall - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Washington, DC! The capital of the world's most powerful country unsurprisingly boasts some impressive sites. You could spend months exploring here, but this trip concentrates on the most important sites in the center of the city, stopping in at major national and governmental institutions and taking in the rich history of the American Experiment. As can be expected, there will be a lot of superlatives on this tour: the world's biggest library, the world's largest obelisk, the world's largest free museum system with collections to rival any in the world. This tour involves a lot of walking, but the excitement of seeing the original Constitution, the President's house, and the beautiful views from every direction ought to be enough to keep you energized. There are also snack vendors and all along the route. If you need a rest, there are unlimited opportunities to stop to relax and people-watch. You may even see political history in progress in the form of protests or government in action.Licenses:Photo “Aerial view of National Mall ” by Carol M. Highsmith is licensed under Public Domain

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