Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

St Louis, MO, United States
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The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM) presents, supports, and celebrates the art of our time. It is the premier museum in St. Louis dedicated to contemporary art. Focused on a dynamic array of changing exhibitions, CAM provides a thoughtprovoking program that reflects and contributes to the global cultural landscape. Through the diverse perspectives offered in its exhibitions, public programs, and educational initiatives, CAM actively engages a range of audiences to challenge their perceptions. It is a site for discovery, a gathering place in which to experience and enjoy contemporary visual culture. CAM is located in Grand Center, a world-class arts and entertainment district in the heart of St. Louis. CAM is free. Visit often!

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis - Cya On The Road



Wed–Sun 10:00 am–5:00 pm

Open until 8:00 pm Thu & Fri

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