Wildlife Inn

Winston, OR, United States
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Wildlife Inn - Cya On The Road

This is an audio tour of the Out of Egypt Tour at Noah's Ark in Winston Oregon. This tour begins in the throne room of the Pharaoh Djoser as it might have looked approximately 4700 years ago. In it you will learn about the his genius advisor, Imhotep and the plagues of Egypt mentioned in the Ipuwer Papyrus The Torah, Exodus and the Quran. You will follow clues that link the Hebrew people to Egypt and the Sinai peninsula and emerge with them from Egypt through the Red Sea. You will join them on their fascinating journey through the desert into the land of Canaan. See the life-sized tabernacle said to have been built by Moses and with it a recreation of the legendary golden lost Ark of the Covenant. See for yourself if the archeological evidence supports the accounts in the Torah, the Old Testament and the Quran of this amazing story.

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