Station North Arts and Entertainment District

Baltimore, MD, United States
Distance: 2 km (Map)

Station North Arts and Entertainment District - Cya On The Road

Hi and welcome to Station North! Composed of the neighborhoods Charles North, Greenmount West, and Barclay, Station North is a diverse collection of artist live-work spaces, galleries, rowhomes, and businesses, all just steps away from Penn Station. Station North was the first area in Baltimore to be officially designated as an Arts & Entertainment District in 2002. Over the past 15 years, the district has seen new developments as well as commercial and residential growth. With these changes, the rich history of this area can be neglected. This tour will hope to highlight some of the great sites in our district and hopefully will provide an entertaining and informative experience for you, the user! A quick note on the format of this tour: Each stop will feature images, text, and audio, with the large majority of the audio coming from interviews with long-time Baltimore residents. The text will provide important context for the history of the sites discussed by the residents. To get the full benefit of the tour, be sure to read the text as well as listen to what is being discussed, as often the audio only covers a small part of a site’s history! Thanks and hope you enjoy our tour!

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