The Pathways of Roland Park

Baltimore, MD, United States
Distance: 2 km (Map)

The Pathways of Roland Park - Cya On The Road

Want to enjoy some time in nature, but can’t leave the city? Spend a Saturday morning getting lost in Roland Park. Located in the northwest corridor of the city, this planned suburban community holds miles of lush greenery, local shops and breathtaking architecture.The community also has a secret. Well 18 of them. Built between the victorian homes and streets are a series of pathways. Some are short, others are hilly, but all help invoke the stories of many of the residents that have lived here over the years.As part of the Be Here:Baltimore project, we invite you to come walk these pathways and learn about the personal stories of this vibrant part of the city.For more information about Roland Park Place and our project, go to our Tumblr Page.

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