A Walking Guide to Santa Monica, LA

Santa Monica, CA, United States; Los Angeles, CA, United States
Distance: 18 km (Map)

A Walking Guide to Santa Monica, LA - Cya On The Road

Take a walk along the palm and eucalyptus-lined bluffs and it becomes obvious why tourists flock to Santa Monica. With the beach on one side and mountains on another, it's the essence of that postcard picture of Southern California's coastline. You'll find more than just a beach town, though; there are plenty of things to do in Santa Monica without setting foot on the Pier or Third Street Promenade, from fresh dinners prepared straight from the farmers' market to bars with a view. Get the most out of your visit to with this guide to the very best stops in this beachside Los Angeles neighborhood. #FordRoadTravel1#FordRoadTravel2#FordRoadTravel3#westcoasttrip

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