Classy and cultured Tallahassee

Tallahassee, FL, United States
Est. 13.2km / 2 hrs

Classy and cultured Tallahassee - Cya On The Road

Hello and welcome to this tour of Tallahassee, as presented by Insight Guides. My name is Katherine and I'll be your guide. This tour is made up of 15 stops: the first 10 are all within walking distance of each other, and can be covered in about 2 hours, not including any time spent touring museums or other attractions. There are five bonus stops after, for which you will need a car, or perhaps a bicycle if you are feeling up to the challenge! So, end the tour at point 10 if you are on foot.Like any true southern belle, Tallahassee is a classy city. There is nothing plastic or theme park-ish in Florida’s capital city. The attractions here are authentic, and often relate to history or culture. As with any flirtatious southern belle, Tallahassee also has a fun and quirky side; a mix that makes the city completely unforgettable. Spend a day here and it won't be long before you're quoting the city hashtag, I Heart Tally!You can stop at any time and start again at the same point later. You can follow the route on your phone or simply listen as I guide you from one sight to the next. I'll be giving you clear instructions and the audio will automatically start playing when you get close to the next sight on the tour. Don't worry if you need to skip a sight as the tour will pick up at the next location. One more thing before we get started: always be aware of your surroundings and be sure to obey all traffic signals!Ready to begin? Then let's get started!

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