Sounds of Baltimore: Eubie Blake's Ragtime Riffs

Baltimore, MD, United States
Est. 343m / 7 mins / Map

Sounds of Baltimore: Eubie Blake's Ragtime Riffs - Cya On The Road

In late 1800s, Baltimore, the remarkably talented James Hubert “Eubie” Blake who grew up on the East Side of town, began to pursue his passion for music and composed breakneck ragtime riffs that would later transform arts, culture and music history.Blake’s original childhood nickname was “Hubie” and would be later fine-tuned to “Eubie”.  He started playing the pump organ as a young child with the encouragement of his mother.  Though originally slated to play for the church, Blake was always drawn to the more free-flowing musical style of ragtime.He was the epitome and embodiment of Baltimore’s legacy of musical excellence.  Not only was he a gifted musician and composer, he was also profusely resilient and broke racial barriers when he went on to record in 1921, his own Broadway show called "Shuffle Along" with his songwriting partner, Noble Sissle.Throughout his illustrious career as an ambassador of ragtime, Blake composed hundreds of songs and received many accolades for his musical greatness. Enjoy this musical walking tour, the “Sounds of Baltimore: Eubie Blake’s Ragtime Riffs,” a journey back into the sights and sounds of Charm City’s native son when once upon a time this important music crossroad served as the cornerstone of his early piano rags.SWING TO EUBIE'S RAG SWAGGIN' TUNES! Take a LISTEN or DOWNLOAD this playlist of Eubie Blake's widely-heralded rag music featured on this tour, which are in the public domain via . CLICK on this link & ENJOY! Eubie's Top 23 Ragtime Riffs!VIEW THE TOUR ON TUMBLR: Sounds of Baltimore: Eubie Blake's Ragtime RiffsLISTEN TO THE TOUR ON SOUNDCLOUD: Sounds of Baltimore: Eubie Blake's Ragtime Riffs

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