A Walking Guide to Soho, NYC

New York, NY, United States
Est. 3.2km / 1 hr 14 mins / Map

A Walking Guide to Soho, NYC - Cya On The Road

Like a lot of NYC nabes, Soho has been a constantly changing enclave: Once upon a time it was one of New York’s grittier, more underdeveloped nabes, then did a 180 and became the go-to spot for the Beautiful People (and those who wanted to ogle them). Now it’s settled into a happy in-between, where tourists and locals alike crowd Broadway and the cobblestone streets around it to elbow their way into chain stores and local boutiques, art galleries and hair salons and of course, some of the best damn food in the city.  Here’s what not to miss south of Houston. (And yes, that is what the name means!)

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