Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Baltimore

Baltimore, MD, United States; Towson, MD, United States
Est. 45.5km / 1 hr 49 mins / Map

Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Baltimore - Cya On The Road

On 30 March 2009, President Barack Obama signed Public Law No. 111-11 which created the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail, which runs from Boston and Newport through New York, Philadelphia, Havre de Grace and Baltimore to Yorktown. The purpose of this tour is to tell the stories of the role colonial Baltimoreans and their allies played before, during and after the 800 mile march George Washington and French General Rochambeau made to victory at Yorktown, and eventual American independence from Great Britain. Learn the names of these New Baltimoreans and their allies,  why and how they are remembered, and see the places where once they lived, camped, plotted and planned.

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