Jewish Baltimore: A Living History

Baltimore, MD, United States; Pikesville, MD, United States
Distance: 15 km
by Sheri Allen

Jewish Baltimore: A Living History from Port to Pikesville

Jewish Baltimore: A Living History - Cya On The Road

The Living Jewish History tour is a fun, surprising, moving look at how Jewish Baltimore has flowered into one of the most influential Jewish communities in the U.S., from its immigrant beginnings to its unexpected evolution as a center for Orthodox Jewish life in America. This tour features museums, outdoor memorials, scrumptious Jewish food, and some beautiful and historic houses of worship. There are suitable options for those on foot and public transit as well as by car, and there is something for everyone of any age who has an interest in learning about Baltimore's Jewish past & present. The media used in the tour are still pictures and audio narration.

As the daughter and granddaughter of lifelong Jewish Baltimoreans with deep and powerful memories of Baltimore's Jewish life, and as a one-time docent of the Jewish Quarter of Prague and former teacher, I give a special flavor of personal experience and impressions to this narration. Having lived in 3 countries abroad (including Israel) and eight states in the U.S., I am especially mindful of the needs of visitors unfamiliar with the landscape here.

The downtown Jewish tour "stops" can be easily accessed on foot by those who are staying in lodgings near the Inner Harbor, or by car from anywhere in the region. In the audio narration, I give detailed directions (and suggestions/advice) for each transportation option, including map and parking info. The Pikesville leg of the tour must be accessed by car.

As the tour evolves in the near future, we hope to add special interviews, additional "stops" on the "car tour" of Jewish Pikesville and Owings Mills (including its best kosher and "Jewish style" restaurants), and local sites featured in major Hollywood films directed by famous local "boy made good" Barry Levinson.

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