Humboldt Park

Chicago, IL, United States
Est. 2.2km / 43 mins

Welcome to the Humboldt Park Tour in Chicago. Humboldt Park is one of 77 designated community areas in the West Side of Chicago. The Humboldt Park community is known for being a home to a number of immigrant communities including Scandinavians, Norwegian, and Jews among others. Humboldt Park is also the name of a 207 acre recreation part adjacent to the community area.

Humboldt Park - Cya On The Road

This tour will tell the story of the German, Polish, and Puerto Rican community roots connecting to the larger story of expanding city borders, migration of people, culture clash, and the significance of the neighborhood to those who current live in Humboldt Park and those who have memories to share.

Germans first settled the area, and as you will hear, their collective focus was to develop and invest in the land.  We are joined today by Marlen Lux from DANK Haus Museum.

Poles settled in the area later and focused on developing their community’s National identity and life centered on parishes.  We are joined today by Barbara Kozuchowska from the Polish Museum of America.

For the last several decades, Puerto Ricans have worked to establish their community here as an enduring cultural home, and we are joined today by Enrique Salgado Junior from National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture.

As you walk through the neighborhood, we ask you to consider what distinctive contribution of each community - German, Polish, and Puerto Rican.

The tour starts at the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture at 3015 W Division St.

Narrator: Izabel Grobelna, Chicago Cultural Alliance

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