Out of the Blocks: 4700 Eastern Avenue

Baltimore, MD, United States
Distance: 142 metres (Map)

Out of the Blocks: 4700 Eastern Avenue - Cya On The Road

What if you could meet everyone on an entire Baltimore city block, in less than an hour?This is exactly what Out of the Blocks allows you to do.Radio producer Aaron Henkin and music producer Wendel Patrick are sharing the stories of Baltimore in a way that's never been heard before, and this is your invitation to join the adventure.On this tour, you'll meet the folks of 4700 Eastern Avenue, in Southeast Baltimore's Highlandtown neighborhood. Over the past fifty years, the story of the American Dream has been written and rewritten in this community, as two distinct waves of immigrants have taken their turns settling in and opening up shop. In the 1960's & 70's, Greek immigrants arrived in droves, and the neighborhood came to be known as Greektown. More recently, Latino immigrants have followed in those footsteps, establishing a strong local presence of their own. Today, this block is a cultural checkerboard, as the names of the restaurants attest: Acropolis, El Merengue, Zorbas, Papuseria Mama Tana, and Greektown Grill. The voices on this block have foreign accents, but their stories are quintessentially American.

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