Out of the Blocks: 600 Deepdene Road

Baltimore, MD, United States
Est. 347m / 46 mins / Map

Out of the Blocks: 600 Deepdene Road - Cya On The Road

 What if you could meet everyone on an entire Baltimore city block, in less than an hour?Radio producer Aaron Henkin and music producer Wendel Patrick are sharing the stories of Baltimore in a way that's never been heard before, and this is your invitation to join the adventure.As you travel to the 600 block of Deepdene Road in North Baltimore’s Tuxedo Park neighborhood, the sounds of city traffic give way to the natural harmony of cicadas, birds, and frogs on this tree-lined residential block, nestled up against the city’s Stony Run Trail. The stories here are a study of families in all their varieties: families with same-sex parents, interracial parents, single parents, and adoptive parents, as well as empty-nesters, divorcees, and newlyweds.

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