Cultural Trails: Museum to Museum NATIONS

Geneva, GE, Switzerland; Pregny-Chambésy, GE, Switzerland
Distance: 4 km (Map)

Cultural Trails: Museum to Museum NATIONS - Cya On The Road

From parks to gardens, walkers can enjoy the splendor of a district that still breathes the grandeur of times past. Impressive mansions, century-old trees and evidence of the growth of International Geneva are found all along the trail, while in the background resonate the voices of great patrons who constructed the monuments described on the tour and those of famous people, like the Empress Josephine or Casanova, whose presence left its mark on these places. This cultural trails offers a choice of sights for you to discover in the Nations district and surrounding areas. Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Museum of Swiss People in the World International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum The League of Nations Museum Ariana Museum History of Science Museum

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