Cultural Trail: from Museum to Museum PLAINPALAIS

Geneva, GE, Switzerland
Distance: 3 km (Map)

Cultural Trail: from Museum to Museum PLAINPALAIS - Cya On The Road

An outlying district used for military purposes and subsequently for market gardening and industry and an independent commune from 1800 to 1930, Plainpalais is now a dynamic and bustling working-class district with a high concentration of museums, cultural sites, university institutions and bars and restaurants of all kinds. This Cultural Trail takes you on a walk through the history of a district of modern Geneva, which has played, and still plays today, a key role in the development of the cultural and intellectual life of the city, through visits to the Rath Museum and to the MEG (Museum of Ethnography Geneva), by strolling among the prestigious tombs of the Cemetery of Kings or the markets stalls around the Plaine de Plainpalais and, finally, by discovering contemporary artworks exhibited at Mamco or in the public space.

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