Art meets nature at the Botanical Gardens

Geneva, GE, Switzerland
Distance: 1 km (Map)

Art meets nature at the Botanical Gardens - Cya On The Road

The Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva and the Geneva Museum of Art and History, join together in inviting you on a guided walk during which the worlds of art and plants meet.In the company of Alexandre Calame Camille Corot, Gustave Courbet, Claude Monet and Ferdinand Hodler, penetrate the heart of the nineteenth century, between art and botany.From Neoclassicism to Pointillism, through Romanticism, Realism or Impressionism, get to know a history of art that blends into the landscape and plant massive of the Botanical Garden, a truly living museum.-----------A tour conceived by Tadeo Kohan, Art historian, collaborator at CJBSupervisionDidier Roguet, curator at CJBReadingMike McMahonWith the collaboration of David Matthey, cultural mediation at MAHCédric Fawer, hoticultural mediation at CJBGisèle Visinand, communication at CJBMatthieu Berthod, graphic designer at CJBPhotographs © MAH Genève

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