Urbirun Lausanne - Lake

Lausanne, VD, Switzerland; Pully, VD, Switzerland; Ecublens, VD, Switzerland; Saint-Sulpice, VD, Switzerland
Distance: 18 km (Map)

Urbirun Lausanne - Lake - Cya On The Road

Distance: 18.5km/11.5mi (*9.2km/5.7mi or 11.2km/6.9mi)Elevation: lowDirection: coutnerclockwiseParks/Pedestrian: 9.8km/6mi (ca 53%)Urban constraints: lowSuggested start: for the long route or the west loop : Vidy /for the long route or the east loop : Ouchy / As any urbirun tour, you can start where ever you want. Watch for tour direction.Public transportation: underground M2 Ouchy station / Bus 1 or 6 (Maladière stations) or 2 (Théâtre de Vidy station).This tour explores the southern part of the city, also called "Sous-Gare" which translates to "sub-station". You will run through Vidy and Ouchy along the enchanting shores of Lake Geneva. You'll run through parks of some of the museums that give Lausanne its richness and charm. You will explore the campus of the University and the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), this student filled, dynamic, modern and creative city. Steeped in history with beautiful landscape, Lausanne is always looking towards the future.*Alternative route: 3 different routes - 18.5km the long tour (map) / Ouchy (east loop) 11.2km / Campus (west loop) 9.2kmNB: in case of doubt, please feel free to check your position on the map and the track / urbirun is not responsible for differences in accuracy of some GPS sensors.You can as well get the .gpx route (for example for your sport watch) of this tour here, for as low as 0.1euro/km.

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