Ethnobotanical Gardens

Geneva, GE, Switzerland
Distance: 252 metres (Map)

Ethnobotanical Gardens - Cya On The Road

On the occasion of our 200th Anniversary and the 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress, from the 26th June 2017 come and visit our new permanent exhibition “Ethnobotanical Gardens” to discover the numerous connections that man had and still has today with the world of plants, sometimes without even realizing.Did you know for instance that the Velcro of your shoes is a Swiss invention inspired by the fruits of an edible plant, the burdock ? That the world’s most expensive spice comes from a variety of crocus cultivated in Upper Valais? Or that chewing gums were originally made from a vegetable gum ?Many discoveries await you in our gardened spaces which are organized around four main themes:The Food garden: herbs, spice plants, functional food, forgotten vegetables and wild ediblesThe Medicinal garden: medicinal plants, plant-based medicines, phytotherapeutical effectsThe Economy botany garden: perfumes, dyes, fibers, sugar, oils and resinsThe Garden of plant uses: vine, wheat, messicoles, fermented beverages, wood, plaiting, domestic uses, biological control, sacred and poisonous plantsWe share a compelling story with useful, wild or domesticated plants. Different aspects of it are presented in our new exhibition which will be supplemented in 2018 by our collection of useful plants from the Winter Garden.As history shows us, man tends to best protect what he knows and uses… We therefore encourage you to learn more about plants and their uses ! It is an original and engaging way to familiarize yourselves with the vegetable kingdom.

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