myclimate Audio Adventure Zurich - Teenager (aged 11 years and over)

Zurich, ZH, Switzerland
Distance: 8 km (Map)

This tour will show you that people in Zurich do a lot to protect the climate. Burning fossil fuels like crude oil and natural gas releases pollutants into the atmosphere. These substances keep heat trapped around the Earth and are therefore responsible for global warming. The ice on the polar caps is melting; glaciers in the Alps are receding and permafrost, which sticks the rocks together like glue, is disappearing. Natural catastrophes are becoming more frequent.

myclimate Audio Adventure Zurich - Teenager (aged 11 years and over) - Cya On The Road

This is why people responsible for international climate policies have come up with the ‘two-degree target’ (Update 2019: 1,5°C target!). It states that global warming must be limited to no more than two degrees Celsius compared with levels before the start of industrialisation. It is the only way to prevent uncontrollable consequences for our Planet Earth. And to achieve this, we need to make massive cuts in the global emissions of greenhouse gases. Switzerland also signed the Kyoto Protocol at the World Climate Conference and is committed to achieving this target. For example, by introducing the 2000-watt society. You will know exactly what this means after the tour.

We also invite you to participate in our contest. Solve the puzzle as you go and perhaps win a prize.

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