myclimate Audio Adventure Zurich- adult version

Zurich, ZH, Switzerland
Distance: 8 km
by myclimate

myclimate Audio Adventure Zurich- adult version - Cya On The Road

We hear and read a lot about greenhouse gases, global warming, energy efficiency and climate targets. But what are politicians and society doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to protect our climate? And which steps can each of us take to help reach the international climate targets? There needs to be a massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to ensure that the coming generations can inhabit a healthy planet, as well.Here on this tour, we will show you which concrete steps the city of Zurich and its inhabitants are taking to protect the environment and to achieve the energy and climate targets. Lots of things are possible: some astonishing, others encouraging!Are you interested? Then come along on the myclimate tour. We will show you Zurich from its climate-conscious side!We also invite you to participate in our contest. Solve the puzzle as you go and perhaps win a prize.

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