Historical Purmerend!

Purmerend, NH, Netherlands
Distance: 2 km
by Bureau Tourisme Laag Holland

Historical Purmerend! - Cya On The Road

Historical tour along the old markets of Purmerend. By being granted ‘market rights’, the town of Purmerend was able to develop as a commercial centre for industry.Originally a place where life was centred around fishing and shipping, Purmerend gradually developed into a town of many industries: breweries, gin distilleries, a gunpowder mill, a turpentine distillery, a soap works, a vinegar factory, a rope-yard, a shipbuilding yard, and saw- and flourmills. The ‘market town’ attracted many farmers, traders and buyers from ‘outside the area’ which is why the markets where of major economic importance to Purmerend and its citizens.This interactive tour takes you along the special places and markets of Purmerend. Discover what key role these markets played for Purmerend!

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