Exceptional Oostzaan!

Purmerend, NH, Netherlands; Landsmeer, NH, Netherlands; Den Ilp, NH, Netherlands; Oostzaan, NH, Netherlands; Zaandam, NH, Netherlands; Wijdewormer, NH, Netherlands
Distance: 29 km (Map)

Exceptional Oostzaan! - Cya On The Road

Would you like to know what makes Oostzaan so special? Take this tour and find out. You will cycle along the unique peat moors of Oostzanerveld, among other things. An age-old area which is of huge importance to the history of the Zaan region thanks to its unique parcel structure and vast open feel. Adjoining this region is Het Twiske recreation area which you can explore on foot, by bike or boat, enjoying the tranquillity and space it has to offer. You will also find out more about the colourful history of Oostzaan which is characterised in particular by the emergence and flourishing of a number of special industries. For instance, many Oostzaan villagers used to earn a living on the bleaching greens, in try-houses or in starch factories. They were also involved in shipping and whale fishing, and there was even an infamous pirate among them! You will also get to know a number of special and successful citizens a little bit better, such as Albert Heijn or the painter Jacob Cornelisz van Oostzanen. In short, take this tour and discover what exceptional Oostzaan is all about!

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