Highlights of Laag Holland

Purmerend, NH, Netherlands; Zuidoostbeemster, NH, Netherlands; Middenbeemster, NH, Netherlands; De Rijp, NH, Netherlands; Schermerhorn, NH, Netherlands; Hobrede, NH, Netherlands; Edam, NH, Netherlands; Volendam, NH, Netherlands; Monnickendam, NH, Netherlands; Marken, NH, Netherlands; Broek in Waterland, NH, Netherlands; Den Ilp, NH, Netherlands
Distance: 100 km (Map)

Highlights of Laag Holland - Cya On The Road

In this tour you drive by car along the most beautiful places in Laag Holland: a region that shows everything of the beauty of Holland. You can start in four places: Purmerend, Middenbeemster, Edam and Monnickendam. During the tour you drive around polder landscapes, former historic trading towns, fishing villages, orchards and across the world heritage. In each of this Dutch places time seems to have stood still. #NoordHolland

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