Haarlem's Historical Hotspots!

Haarlem, NH, Netherlands
by Tour Centre

Haarlem's Historical Hotspots! - Cya On The Road

Haarlem is one of the oldest and most fascinating Dutch cities. It's cultural heritage is overwhelming and we would like you to familiarized yourselves with it. This tour is mostly focused on historical monuments and cultural landmarks of the city. You are about to discover beautiful churches, museums and bridges.Most of the sights are located in the very centre, around Grote Markt, the main square. But please do not hesitate to wander around the city and discover it by yourselves. The rich history of this oldest city dates back to early Medieval Ages. Haarlem always played a prominent role in the development of the country. It survived a plague, wars, Spanish siege, French rule and the Great fire. Yet it is still a very taking and engaging place to be. During the Golden Age Haarlem was one of the dominating trading centres when it came to textile (linen and silk) and tulip bulbs. The cultural heritage should definitely be mentioned as well – many great painters and architects worked here.And even though nowadays Amsterdam has taken most of the importance, Haarlem still is a gem that is most certainly worth visiting. Now we would like to explain you a little bit how this tour works. Since there is no defined route, you have an opportunity to walk around as you please, utilizing our “free walking mode.” So you will have to navigate yourself according to the map and once you get near an attraction, the audioguide will turn on automatically. Also at the end of each story we will briefly point out directions to the nearest attractions.

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