Deltaroute Volkeraksluices

Willemstad, NB, Netherlands; Den Bommel, ZH, Netherlands
Distance: 3 km

Deltaroute Volkeraksluices - Cya On The Road

During this walking tour, you’ll find out all sorts of things about the Volkeraksluizen: the largest and busiest inland shipping sluice complex in Europe. You will walk past sluices and dams that have been installed as part of the Delta Plan to shield the hinterland from flooding and to facilitate smooth and safe shipping.The sluices are of major economic significance. If all of the freight that passes through the sluices by ship were transported over the roads, then there would be a definite gridlock in the south west of the Netherlands. The average cargo of a single ship is comparable to that of forty trucks, and some four hundred inland vessels pass by the sluices every day.

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