Museums at the Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 6.6km / 2 hrs 12 mins / Map

Museums at the Amsterdam canals - Cya On The Road

Amsterdam Canal Museums: Welcome to this inspiring museum tour, which leads you along the most beautiful museums on the canals of Amsterdam. This tour shows the versatility of the participating museums and brings you inside the unique locations in Amsterdam. The curators, directors or historians tell you what makes their museum so unique and what it has to offer you.Watch the video, start the tour and make sure to step inside one of the following museums: - Huis Marseille – Museum for Photography- Hendrikje Museum of Bags and Purses (Tassenmuseum Hendrikje)- Museum Van Loon- Museum Geelvinck-Hinlopen (Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis)- Amsterdam Museum- Museum Het Grachtenhuis - The Museum of the Amsterdam Canals- Museum Willet-Holthuysen - Our Lord in the Attic (Ons' Lieve heer op Solder)- Biblical Museum (Bijbels Museum)- Cromhouthuizen- The Rembrand House Museum (Het Rembrandthuis Museum)- Cat Cabinet (Kattenkabinet)- Anne Frank HuisWe hope you enjoy yourself!

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