Amsterdam DNA - Civic Virtue Tour

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 2.6km / 1 hr 30 mins / Map

Amsterdam DNA - Civic Virtue Tour - Cya On The Road

On this tour , you’ll have the chance to explore a number of examples of active citizenship, both from the past and from today. As early as the sixteenth century, Amsterdam was known for its welfare institutions for the poor, sick, mentally ill, prisoners and orphans. These establishments were often founded and run by Amsterdam’s rich elite, who considered it their civic duty to care for the city’s less fortunate citizens. But today too, there are plenty of Amsterdammers who dedicate themselves to their fellow citizens and a better society. This tour will take you to a number of locations in the city, each with a link to the civic virtue theme. The trail will take around an hour and a half. The first stopping point is the Amsterdam Museum’s inner courtyard.This walk is one of a series of Amsterdam DNA Tours: thematic routes through the city linked to the Amsterdam DNA exhibition. Check out all four routes on Enterprise, Freedom of Thought, Creativity and Civic Virtue. Enjoy your walk!

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