Amsterdam DNA - Freedom of Thought

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 2.0km / 1 hr 30 mins / Map

Amsterdam DNA - Freedom of Thought - Cya On The Road

Amsterdam has a reputation as a tolerant city where you can do whatever you want and everyone is welcome. Foreigners were writing about the amazingly tolerant atmosphere in Amsterdam right back in the 17th century, inspired by people from different backgrounds and with different beliefs living in the city side by side. Outsiders are still surprised today at how anyone can walk into a coffee shop for a joint or go to the red light district for paid sex. Gay couples can get married and euthanasia is permitted. But is that the whole story? The real situation is more subtle and complex. In this tour you will learn about some unusual places and stories, all associated with the theme of 'freedom of expression in Amsterdam'. The route takes about one and a half hour. The first stop is the Begijnhof. If you are starting at theAmsterdam Museum, you are advised to exit through the Civic Guards Gallery. Half way along the lane, on the right, you will find the gate to the Begijnhof.This walk is one of a series of Amsterdam DNA Tours: thematic routes through the city linked to the Amsterdam DNA exhibition. Check out all four routes on Enterprise, Freedom of Thought, Creativity and Civic Virtue. Enjoy your walk!

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