Amsterdam DNA - Creativity

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 2.9km / 1 hr 30 mins / Map

Amsterdam DNA - Creativity - Cya On The Road

Amsterdam has been known as a centre of creativity for centuries. During the Golden Age the city produced leading masters such as Rembrandt, while today fashion designers such as Viktor & Rolf are internationally acclaimed. Creativity includes more than world-renowned art and fashion: the creative industry is one of Amsterdam’s leading economic sectors. Amsterdam residents develop their own city in creative ways. This route features a wonderful part of Amsterdam taking in various locations that connect with creativity. The first stop is in front of Amsterdam Museum, in Sint Luciensteeg.This walk is one of a series of Amsterdam DNA Tours: thematic routes through the city linked to the Amsterdam DNA exhibition. Check out all four routes on Enterprise, Freedom of Thought, Creativity and Civic Virtue. Enjoy your walk!

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