Pieterskerk Leiden

Leiden, ZH, Netherlands
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The Pieterskerk Leiden can be seen from far away. According to some, the tower (in the sixteenth century, about 100 meters high)could be seen from the North Sea, hence the name was 'Coningh der See' - King of the Sea.Even now, the building is the touchstone of Leiden. The monument that stands here today it is called a late Gothic basilica. This means that the church was built in the shape of a cross, with the long part of the church is called the nave and the cross section the transept. The transept also separates the nave and the choir, the part of the church where, in catholic use, the main altar located.The imposing walls of the church are built of brick, according to the rules of the Flemish Gothic. This style made it's appearance in the thirteenth century in the western Netherlands.The styles, pillars and window windows are stone and sandstone. The construction of the present monument began around 1390 by the architect Rutger van Kampen. Many of the materials used were supplied ready-made, only the (very) large churches had their own hangar construction where the materials custom made​​. For the Pieterskerk this was not the case, which means that the builders of the church probably not lived on their workplace.Between 1390 and 1415 the choir was finished, the nave between 1410 and 1430. After 1450 they began to expand the aisles (the space parallel to the nave). In the same period the construction of the transept began. Initially, it was as high as the aisles, making the nave protruded well above the aisles and the transept. Only in the sixties of the 16th century, the church reached its present size.Since 1976 worship the Pieterskerk Leiden is no longer a functioning chruch, it is currently a national monument. The Pieterskerk Leiden Foundation manages the monument. Since the 12th century, the Pieterskerk guarantees generous hospitality in a historic setting.Whether it's a grand dinner, a nice wedding, an international conference, an exhibition, an intimate meeting in the 17th century style churchwardensroom or a great party for all your relationships: the Pieterskerk Leiden is a monumental venue with a unique ambiance and atmosphere that you and your guests will always remember.

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