Rotterdam Round Trip

Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands
Est. 6.3km / 2 hrs / Map

Rotterdam Round Trip - Cya On The Road

The Maritime Museum tells you all about the past, present and future of the maritime world and the port of Rotterdam. The Rotterdam Round Trip is a kind of take-away Maritime Museum.Get to know Europe’s largest port city using this audio tour for smartphones. In the past, all the port activities took place in the inner city itself, whereas nowadays the main harbours can be found along the Nieuwe Waterweg and the Maasvlakte. The centre of Rotterdam changed slowly but surely from a port city to a metropolis.Discover the story of the port of Rotterdam on this three point five kilometre route, a route that takes you past the museum harbour, the imposing Erasmus Bridge, the Wilhelmina Pier and the nostalgic Veerhaven.

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