Sentinel of Naarden walking tour (3,3 km)

Naarden Vesting, NH, Netherlands; Naarden, NH, Netherlands
Est. 3.4km / 1 hr 8 mins

Welcome to the historic fortified town of Naarden. Naarden was established at its current location in 1350, in between the former Zuiderzee and the vast lakes and marshland. This strategic position made it possible to prevent the passage of any enemies, marching from the east towards Amsterdam. Later on, the fortress became a part of the defense line, the New Dutch Waterline. Naarden held its strategic position here as a military base until 1926. 

Sentinel of Naarden walking tour (3,3 km) - Cya On The Road

The Naarden Fortress has a magnificent star shape. This was the best layout for defending the town. The points of the star formed the bastions, with small fortress islands and ravelins positioned in between the points. The fortress boasts a total of six bastions, and is –as the only fortress in the world!– surrounded by a double canal with double outer walls. 

During this audio tour you will discover the fascinating history of the Naarden Fortress and the story behind her many fortifications. Historical images along the way bring the past to life. With all of the sights to see and the many shops and restaurants on this tour, a day out in Naarden is a great trip for the whole family. 

The tour begins at the Utrechtse Poort, where you will also find the current visitors center for the New Dutch Waterline and the VVV tourist office. We wish you a pleasant tour in and around the best-preserved fortified town of Europe. 

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