Dudok Bicycletour

Hilversum, NH, Netherlands
Distance: 17 km (Map)

Dudok Bicycletour - Cya On The Road

This bike route, marked for the majority with hexagonal ‘ANWB’ signs of the Dudok walking route, is 17 km long. Although this route follows the hexagonal signs for the biggest part, attention is also given to objects which are not located on the marked route. So, pay attention to the map in this app for the exact route. The route runs past the most important and most beautiful works by architect Willem Marinus Dudok. “Look at my work, then you know who I am,” said architect Willem Marinus Dudok, who lived from 1884 to 1974. The Hilversum architect was independent-minded and knew exactly what he wanted. For more than fifty years, he put his stamp on Hilversum. His most important building is the world-famous Raadhuis, or town hall, that is still in use as such today. The route starts at the former town hall on Kerkbrink, which is now used as Hilversum Museum and VVV (tourist information center). Along the way, you will hear the story behind Dudok’s masterpieces that you find along the route. We wish you a lovely and memorable bike trip.This audio tour is a product of iTRovator in cooperation with the Regional Bureau for Tourism, Gooi & Vecht, with thanks for the substantive contribution from the Hilversum Museum and Oneindig Noord-Holland. Look for more tourism information about the Gooi & Vecht region on www.vvvgooivecht.nl Do you want to rent a bike in Hilversum? There are four bike rental locations in Hilversum, including Hilversum CS right next to the train station. For complete information, see www.vvvgooivecht.nl under See & Do – Activities in the area.

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