Merchants of the Canals, a historic challenge

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 5.0km / 1 hr 40 mins / Map

Merchants of the Canals, a historic challenge - Cya On The Road

Please listen to the audio instructions before you start!Welcome to the izi.TRAVEL Merchants of the Canals challenge.Beautiful canal houses, world famous museums and bustling market squares. The canal district of Amsterdam has it all.This tour will take you along all these historic architectural highlights. We will pass along the most beautiful places in and around the Amsterdam canals, where we will learn about the history of Amsterdam and the impact that Dutch trade has had on Amsterdam and even the world.You will learn a thing or two about trading and quests will reveal hidden locations. Complete all the challenges so you become part of the history of trade and possibilities and earn the title of Amsterdam trade royalty.Please proceed to the starting point of the chosen audio tour or follow the instructions on how to get there. If you hear this sound (ping sound) you are near an information point in your audio tour and the audio will soon commence. If you have chosen an interactive tour, the challenges and questions may unlock hidden content. We hope you have a great experience.

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