Amsterdam Alternative

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 10.3km / 1 hr 43 mins

Amsterdam Alternative - Cya On The Road

Ajaxbike rentals & Guided tours celebrates its 5 years independent existence right in de heart of the Pijp area, Amsterdams so called Quartier Latin, full of creativity and energy. Besides renting bikes, we offer you an Amsterdam experience including general highlights as well as some more inside information which we love to share with you, dear guest. We call it: the Amsterdam Alternative.Start: Ajaxbike rental & guided toursEnd: Ajaxbike rental & guided tours OR any place in the Pijp areaDistance: approximately 8 kilometres. The tour takes about 1 hour, but you can choose to take more time to enjoy some beautiful spots or have a drink, lunch or brunch in between. This tour consists of roughly three parts: An easy going start to get a good grasp and smell of what the Pijp area is, its history, daily life now and then. I will give you some tips of experiencing now or taking home some yummie foods. You will learn who is the dutch Johnny Cash, and see some pretty interesting architecture. Then we will take you to enjoy the Amstelriver and the countryside we Amsterdammers enjoy in our free time, taking out our boats and bikes especially in summer time. And some clichés are in fact true: we love our cheese. And will let you get a taste of this right at the Amstel riverside! Something old, something new: get a picture with our Rembrandt and windmill, and take a good look at the home of Ajax, Hollands most famous football team, the Amsterdam arena. After all this its time to drive back relaxed, on the tunes of “ our’ Johnny Cash, and a last bit of stories about our beautiful city. End at Ajaxbike, or choose another pleasant place to sit down and enjoy a Heinekens.

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