Archeon - Roman era

Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH, Netherlands
Distance: 487 metres (Map)

Archeon - Roman era - Cya On The Road

Avé! Welcome to Trajectum ad Rhenum, the Roman city of Archeon. Right now it’s 150 AD and the former military camp that was based here has grown into a beautiful settlement. Trajectum ad Rhenum means: ford on the Rhine. The Rhine is a logical place for a military camp. It is the outer limit of the Roman Empire. When a military camp is based in one place for a longer amount of time, many merchants come to sell their products to the soldiers. This way those military camps could turn into a settlement. That's exactly what happened here. Trajectum ad Rhenum is a typical Roman settlement. Everything is neatly arranged. The roads are as straight as an arrow with highways and byways. Because not everybody could read very well, you could find beautiful statues on every corner. You can for example meet up at the blue girl on our biggest crossroad. Please look around in our amazing buildings. The order is not important. When you enter a building the audio will automatically start. In the app you can find a map on which you can see where you are. You will also find pictures here. Have fun!This tour was made possible due to OpenArch (), within the EU Culture Programme.

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