Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 16.4km / 5 hrs 32 mins / Map

iProvo - Cya On The Road

May 1965: the start of Provo! The protest movement uses playful events and happenings to shake society awake. Discover the ‘magic center Amsterdam’ with this iProvo tour. Former provo’s Roel van Duijn, Janhuib Blans, Auke Boersma and Sara Stolk look back at this rebellious period. Historian Eric Duivenoorden talks about the importance of Provo. The app also contains archival film and photograhs. Navigate through the map to all the highlighted points. There is no order in the route, start and finish wherever and whenever you want. At most of the Provo stops you will find a poster and sometimes a white bike.Provo action: To make you feel even more provoking we have added some playful tasks, questions or statements.Finally, share your photos and actions on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #iProvo

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