Museum Weesp

Weesp, NH, Netherlands
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Museum Weesp - Cya On The Road

Museum Weesp tells the story of the city and its people. Did you know that the first porcelain factory of the Netherland was based in Weesp? And that Coenraad van Houten made this worldchanging invention to produce powderchocolate? But there is more...Weesp has a rich history of jenever and beerbreweries which made Weesp very wealthy. The Weesp jenever was the one and only jenever that the VOC ships took with them on their journeys. Learn and see more on the Weesper porcelain, Van Houten chocolate, Weesp jenever, archaeological finds, the ancient industry, the beautiful City Hall and modern industries in Museum Weesp. See, experience and enjoy Weesp!

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