Like a local in little Amsterdam

Haarlem, NH, Netherlands
Est. 2.7km / 1 hr 5 mins / Map

Like a local in little Amsterdam - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the amazing City of Haarlem! Only 24 km, or 15 minutes on the train from Amsterdam, this city is the perfect destination for a short trip if you are becoming jaded with the big city.This charmingly walkable Dutch city oozes centuries of character and history. Haarlem is known as little Amsterdam because just as the big city, this city has everything that you need to have a good time. It has the historic elements, the canals, the lively culture and so further, but in a more quiet and cosy way.You can actually see the entire city in one day.Though this tour you'll not just discover the famous Grote Markt or the cosy Botermarkt, you'll actually get to taste the culture of Haarlem. After this tour you'll have a good impression of the life in Haarlem and you'll have experienced Haarlem just as a resident of the city would!> You can do this tour by yourself or choose for a free local guide to join you! You can contact us by sending an e-mail to: We reply within 24 hours.> This tour starts at 15.00 or 15.30 PM at the Haarlem Station. > Maximum capacity: 10 pax Minimum capacity: 5 pax> The duration of this tour is approximately 2 hours including two breaks. There are several optional elements for those who would like to do the tour without a local tour guide or extend the existing tour.> The price includes:- lunch at the Botermarkt- 1 beer at the Jopen Church- 1 souvenir- Discount coupon for a bar: pay 1, get 2

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