Amsterdam DNA - Spirit of Enterprise

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Est. 1.9km / 1 hr 30 mins

Amsterdam DNA - Spirit of Enterprise - Cya On The Road

Strategically located on the rivers Amstel and IJ, Amsterdam has been a hub of international trade since the fourteenth century. People of Amsterdam naturally developed a sense of enterprise. And it was equally true then that you might get stinking rich, or end up dirt poor. This route features several key enterprises and locations from Amsterdam’s commercial history. The first stop is on Kalverstraat. Starting from Amsterdam Museum, the best way to begin is to walk along the museum café and out through the gate. This walk is one of a series of Amsterdam DNA Tours: thematic routes through the city linked to the Amsterdam DNA exhibition. Check out all four routes on Enterprise, Freedom of Thought, Creativity and Civic Virtue. Enjoy your walk!

by Amsterdam Museum
Een ontmoetingsplek van en voor Amsterdammers en hét museum voor Nederlanders die de hoofdstad beter willen leren kennen.

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