Prepare for Bosch

's-Hertogenbosch, NB, Netherlands
Est. --- / 18 mins / Map

Prepare for Bosch - Cya On The Road

This captivating audiotour is all about experiencing Bosch entirely. Follow our storyteller, Splinter, back through 500 years to the city of Den Bosch where he will introduce you to Jheronimus Bosch himself. Splinter will tell you about his dear friend, Bosch, and will share his five favourite works of Bosch with you. On your journey, you will encounter devils and fools, but Splinter will keep you safe and unravel their mysteries up.. He will teach you what to look for in these ominous images, so you don’t miss any of the hidden messages and secrets.Binaural 3D audio makes this experience truly unforgettable. You won’t just hear the fires and screams of hell; you will be there with the damned and sinners yourself. Experience this audiotour on your way to Den Bosch, or while relaxing at home. This is how you prepare for Bosch!Story & voice by Joris Lehr ()Illustrations by Anastasia Prosochkina ()Sound production by Igor Fornerino ()

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